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name is claudine cheng. i'm speaking as a past president of oca, organization of chinese americans. every year is special; this year is specifically more special because historically the first year honoring chinese heritage was in 1993, this is the twentieth year anniversary of that; we are proud and happy that the happy new year series is continuing -- by the united states postal service. oca is a national organization 20 years ago urge the postal service to issue a series of stamps to honor the contributions of chinese americans and we have the support of many local organizations, the chinese chamber of commerce, the chinese consolidated benevolent associations and many other national organizations and national leaders that joined asking the post office to consider doing that. we see the stamp as an important part of the american cultural heritage; chinese-americans are a big part of it. this is a special year, our twentieth year. i would like to introduce our mayor, ed lee, this is his press conference. mayor lee has been to many, many if not all of the -- in san francisco. in
but claudine wong is on the scene talking with investigators right now and she will have a live report in just a few minutes. >>> a 19-year-old sun noma county -- sonoma county woman was last seen at a celebration in lake tahoe. tara moriarty is in lake tahoe to tell us who she is and the effort to find her. >> reporter: they are tracing alyssa burns' last movements and statements records. many of her friends including her older brother and father have headed to lake tahoe to pass this out. 19-year-old alyssa burns has not been seen since shortly before midnight according to her friends who were with her. she was in town for a three day music festival which attracts thousands of people. she disappeared from the group around 11:30 and by phone she told her friends she was taking a shuttle back to the resort. she was spotted around midnight and a facebook page has been set up to find her after working as a hostess here at petaluma. she was studying to be a paramedic firefighter and she is 123 pounds, long hair died black and a fair complexion. if you have any information about her whereabouts, y
. they will track down however is responsible. good morning claudine. >>> you can see gates are in place and we are still closed this morning and the dates did not stop thieves from breaking in. they are all expected to be here to talk about the theft and to offer a reward to try to get the stolen items back. for the second time in two months they got away with a gold box with gold ornamentation depicting california. it was worth more than $800,000. we know the museum was closed and it happened to the men while making their ways through the galleries. that is at least one similarity to the same museum and that one happened at 11:30 at night and in berkeley, they broke through a door and went through when the thieves were bond and none of those items have been returned. these ninja are dressed in pick acts and -- axes and the four men are facing charges for this crime. this area has 24 hour security and until these two recent heists, they had never been burglarized before. claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> the crew of a huge oil tanker was warned and it is still not clear if the pi
.m. and the victims were held at gunpoint. there are no reports of any injuries at this point. claudine wong is also out there on the scene and is talking with the victims of the crime and we will have a live update in the next half hour. >>> a young woman from petaluma is still mitting this morning and they are criticizing -- criticizing police in south lake tahoe. they are criticizing police because police are just now starting to look for her. tara moriarty has more. >> reporter: alyssa burn's friend reported her missing to south lake tahoe police and they started sending out pictures of her. they gave the case to the sheriff's office in nevada which was actually across the state line. it took lake tahoe police reportedly more than a day and a half to notify nevada. we called them this morning and we are waiting to hear what they have to say about it. meantime, alyssa burns has not been seen since shortly before midnight according to friends who were with her. she was in town for a three day music festival which attracts thousands. she disappeared around 11:30 and told her friends she was taking
. ktvu claudine wong is in marin city this morning with what she has learned about the victim. >> reporter: since we last talked with you we have talked with police and we also talked to family members of the victim. they tell us he's 17-year-old williams. i will give you a look at the scene. if you take a look at that canopy and the tarp that is where the victim remains this morning since the shooting that happened just after midnight. he has several family members that live in this apartment complex if we pan over to the side you can see there is quite a few units that are in here. apparently according to his family he had been here for just a week visiting from weed california where he lives and grew up. he just turned 17 four days ago. and it was out here. his family members say they just checked in on him because of trouble around the apartment and they heard gunshots. this all happened about 12:15 this morning. police told us in a news conference that wrapped up in the last half hour that they got out here they started rendering aid to the victim. someone was already try
on the golden gate bridge will soon be replaced and today they are testing out a new automated system. claudine wong is out there. just talked to the officials on the district on why they are changing the system and how it's going. >> reporter: the changes are coming. take a look at what is happening right now. you can see toll takers in place. you've got your typical toll lanes your fast track lanes your car pool lanes. that is how it has been business as usual. what you can't see is the testing that is going under way for the changes that are coming in late march. i'm joined now by spokesperson mary curry. let's talk about this. big changes and obviously the big thing is the toll takers are going away. tell me what is happening today and when the changes will officially go into effect. >> today is a milestone day. because we started the testing of the tolling system. we are 60 days away now. what that means is that the collectors will then come out of the lanes in 60 days. so far we have 28 full-time collectors. about half have been placed in other jobs and continuing to work with the others.
of recovering a valuable artifact that was stolen from the oakland museum of california. ktvu's claudine wong is in oakland with details of a break- in and how its not the first time -- it's not the first time this museum has been targeted. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. they want to catch the people responsible. don't know if the same person is responsible for both thefts but any want to put a stop to it and -- but they want to put to a stop to it and get the artifacts back. let's tell you what happened. the museum was mit on monday morning when if was closed for the second time in two months. what -- when it was closed for the second time in two months. they want back the artifact that was worth more than $800,000. the museum spokesperson said a single thief was seen on surveillance video making their way through the galleries. that's similar to what happened in november. in that case, it was also a monday night. a door on the second floor near a garden, no one has been arrested. and none of the artifacts stolen have been recovered. this isn't the only museum in northern california to be
district. claudine wong tells us about the very specific item the robbers demanded from their victims. >> reporter: san francisco police stood outside this building for hours this morning. we watched as they confiscated a kitchen knife left in a planter that residents say was used by one of the suspects in this home invasion. >> i've never had a gun in my face before. >> reporter: the victims didn't want their faces on camera but say it all happened inside the first floor apartment where a group of college students were staying. >> we were sleeping and then we heard like a commotion and started to hear this bang on the door and the door started to give out and then there was a gun in my face. >> what did they say? give me your money, give me your phone. >> give me your weed. >> reporter: the victims admit they leave their front door unrocked because they have this gate down here but any also say this lock tends to stick and when it does, you can walk through. the victims say five people with at least two guns came in and held them at gunpoint while they ransacked the place. they say t
of a valuable artifact from the orlando museum of california. claudine wong -- from the oakland museum of california. claudine wong has the new details on the reward that's on the table. >> reporter: it's been in this museum since the 1960s giving people a glimpse into the gold rush. >> it was a wedding anniversary gift from a san francisco pioneer to his wife in the 19 -- in the 1800s. it was created by a san francisco gold smith artisan. >> reporter: that is until monday when someone snatched it. oakland police would not release a picture citing the ongoing investigation. all we can tell you it's 7 by 9, about the size of a shoebox. it's gold with images of california on the box. >> this is a theft not just on a valuable object but the theft of the history and the heritage of our children. >> reporter: it's the second time this has happened. there was another heist in november. >> the museum believes in both theft, the thief came through the garden. in both thefts, he came to this area in the museum. back in november, took an item in there and then from here and then on monday took t
francisco. ktvu's claudine wong tell us what led up to the early- morning crash and all of the work needed to clean up the mess. >> reporter: it started at a traffic stop but ended like, a mess on a san francisco street just before 2:00 this morning. the highway patrol says officers tried to pull over the man driving this 2003 bmw registered out of oakland but after pulling off the freeway, that driver refused to stop and ended up crashing into this power pole fence and caltrain truck. he ran from the scene. pg&e crews were left to clean up the mess he left behind. residents and businesses found themself in darkness. >> i saw the accident and thought this won't be up any time soon. i went back to the office and shut down the servers and now i'm gonna stand here at wait until it's fixed. >> reporter: all about 100s abouts were up within an -- within an hour. but this power pole was just dangingling from the -- dangling from the wires. for most people, the power was back on by 7:00 in morning. but for this building, the repairs were to be a little more complicated. so pg&e brought out this g
this morning in marin city. police tell us they are still chasing down leads and have no suspects. as claudine wong reports the boy's family says they think they know why he was killed. >> reporter: search and rescue crews joined the hunt for evidence in an investigation that started after midnight. police spent hours in the dark processing the scene. trying to figure out who shot and killed 17-year-old levonnal williams. his sister said she heard several shots and when he realized he had been hit she ran to his side. >> my brother and my uncle -- i felt -- take his last breath -- he died right before my eye -- they shot my brother in his head -- absolutely nothing -- >> williams sister says he has had a rough life and has been in and out of group homes and juvenile hall. but also insists he turned things around and this week had come from his home there down to marin city to celebrate his 17th birthday with his family. they say he didn't know anyone and didn't have enemies. they believe he was shot because of drugs. >> i seep him there, he was coming to check up on me because there was stuf
-- at noon. >>> good afternoon. i'm claudine wong. tori campbell is off today. >>> happening now, a bomb squad is wrapping up its investigation of a suspicious package and has blocked off streets in san francisco's china basin neighborhood. those streets, however, should be opening soon. you are looking at newschopper2 over that area right now. officials did close off streets near the 100 block of terry francois street and did evacuate a nearby building. they did not want to take any chances with something that looked like a military or ordnance box. one firefighter said it's not something you get from safeway. >> it looked like it had military colors on it. >> you looking at video of the robot sent in to check out that package, that package right there on the ledge near that building, no word yet on exactly what was inside the pox. but it was s apparently deemed harm also. >>> well, the district attorney must still decide if charges will be filed after a fire broke out at a san francisco art gallery in the mission district. the fire was set on purpose as part of an art exhibit. ktvu's t
afternoon, i am claudine wong, tori campbell is off today. >>> he gave his state of the state address but in an optimistic speech he says he has never been more excited about what is ahead and that includes that. ken pritchett is liver for us with more on the governor's brown. >> reporter: this is the 11th time he has addressed the joint session and given their california's budget balanced after years, this one of more optimistic in recent memory. >> california has once again confounded our critics, we have wrought in just two years a solid and enduring budget and by god we are going to preserve and keep it that way for years to come. [ applause ] >> for the rosier budget outlook the governor credited both lawmakers for keeping spending down and voters who approved proposition 30 raising taxes in november. in his speech browne called for the way education is funds and spending billions on water through that, and the governor called on moving ahead on high speed rail, all this while saying law makers must still be prudent in the future. >> the governor is right. we need to focus on a
it goes as smoothly as possible. ktvu as claudine wong reports from the span with a look at what is ahead and the still uncertain future for more than a dozen toll takers. >> reporter: a 12-year veteran toll taker, new mom and obvious 49er fan. a little surprising when you realize she's about to lose her job. so is jackie, an 18-year veteran who told us she's hoping something works out before time runs out. and it is running out for them and 12 others who still haven't found other jobs in the district. as the bridge moves ever closer to an all-electronic toll collection system. today testing of that technology got underway. >> we're doing all the functionality testing now. we have a 60-day period. we have to make sure license plates are reading collectly, that the new accounts are functioning correctly. that the computers in the plaza are talking correctly to the computers at the customer service center. >> reporter: instead of toll takers like jackie the district is now going to depend on cameras. like this one, cameras that will record the license plates of every vehicle that crosses th
. >>> good morning, to you. welcome to wednesday, january 2nd i'm dave clark. >> and i'm claudine wong in pam cook this morning. let's start off with that quick look at your weather and traffic. steve, we can't stop talking about the cold temperatures out there. >> well, yeah. 27 is cold. 26 is cold. not as bad near the coast or the bay but still frost advisory or freeze warning out. i have seen 26, 27 outside of sonoma. look at that concord 29. fairfield 27. napa 29. there is cold numbers but it will be sunny today and a little bit warmer. here is sal. >>> steve, good morning. this is a live look at downtown san jose. northbound 280 coming right through. you can see the traffic is moving along very nicely all the way into the silicon valley or into the west valley. let's move along and take a look at westbound 92 that looks good. now back to the desk. >>> time now 6:01 developing news we've been on this since 4:30. there is a water main break in hayward. ktvu alex savidge was there first. he's with us now. what is happening and he's checking on things as we're speaking to him. when i get you
this week. the grief stricken family has been opening up to our own claudine wong who is out there this morning. claudine. >> reporter: yes. certainly have a very difficult time out here. the family lives in these apartment complexes. let me show you what is happening night right now. the coroner within the last hour has taken away the body of 17-year-old lavon williams. you can see they are out there still and they will be out there for awhile. we talked to the family about him. i want to show you the picture of the 17-year-old. the family says that you know he's had a little bit of a rough go of it but has been out of juvenile hall within the last nine months and has come here to spend time with his family. he had been here for just about a week and just celebrated his birthday now days ago. they do have a theory about why he was shot. >> i saw him five minutes before it happened. he came to check up on me to see if i was okay. because there was stuff going on by my house. this guy was acting crazy. and then i guess -- i don't know what he was doing. i don't know what he wa
at a marin county apartment complex. claudine wong is son the scene as sheriffs deputies received a number of calls of gunfire. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: good morning, pam. let me give you a look at what is happening right now. we're at this apartment complex in marin city. down there you can see active police work just beyond that canna by that has been set up is the victim who is a juvenile. we're still trying to get information right now. police officer said he will talk to us in a couple minutes. they have been actively working this scene for several hours now. let me give you a look at video shot earlier this morning when this all happened. there were multiple calls came in about gunshots fired. we do not know if that is how the victim died. we do know that is what brought police to the scene here. earlier there were a lot of people autohere. we have seen some people walking around. but again police tell us they will be out here for quite awhile. if we come back out here live they are looking to be here for quite a bit. i see the police officer who said he was going to talk
his marijuana. here is more on this with this alligator named, mr. teeth. claudine? >> reporter: well, dave, no doubt, deputies here are used to dealing with a lot of strange and unusual things but a 5-foot alligator guarding a stash of marijuana that does not happen every day. this alligator is 5 feet long and his name is mr. teeth. he is kept in a flex i glass enclosure in the bedroom of a home and he is this morning being cared for at the oakland zoo. he is described as being very sick so the zoo is taking care of him right now. >> we found out he had the alligator for 16 years and when we asked him how long he had it, he said he got the alligator to commemorate the death of two pock so that was in 1996. >> deputies went there yesterday to do a probation check on him and he had been convicted of a disturbance. neighbors say they don't know him or his wife or two-year-old child. they knew they had dogs but they certainly did not know about the 34 pounds of marijuana that mr. teeth was apparently guarding. one woman said she gets upset when she thinks about all the kids who play in t
, sir. next speaker, please. >> lorenzo petroni, claudine chang and [speaker not understood]. >>> hello, i lived in north beach for 55 years. north beach is going through very challenging situation right now. there are people hanging on their businesslike this. i'm not against the project, but what i'm against is [speaker not understood] in north beach. we don't need to do the extraction in north beach. let's leave like they do in new york the machine on the ground, and then you reuse it later on. you don't have to do anything. you do that, everything will be cool. [laughter] >>> do you understand what i mean? north beach, lot of the little business in north beach are going to go broke. i'm not going to go broke. i've been there for 42 years. the business already, they're feeling already. you go at 2 o'clock in the morning you have roaches this long on the sidewalks and they go inside the businesses. you've got to think about it. i know it's a big project. i know a lot of people are involved. big money involved. you cannot look back. you leave the machine there and everybody will be hap
. >> and i'm claudine wong in for pam cook this morning. still can't talk. let's get a quick look at your traffic and weather. i may have been a few minutes later to work today i was waiting for that windshield to defrost. >> but you told us yesterday. >> is it cold out there? >> balmy. >> we do have frost warning and frost advisory and freeze warning out. take us until 9:00. already 20s and 30s. even then i think there is cool temps. it will be sunny and a little warmer today. >>> traffic on highway 4 looks pretty good. here looking at 680 heading down to the bottom of the hill that looks good. coming up on 5:00 let's go back to the desk. >>> developing news from the east bay. we've been telling you about since 4:30. a water main break on a very busy street in hayward. we're live with the camera right where the water is gurgling up. it is causing problems right now. this is on jackson street and santa clara. they've got a problem out there. the workers are out there. the police are out there. the water is flowing into the road. eastbound traffic on jackson is closed but the westbound tra
hours ago. ktvu's claudine wong is there in san francisco with the latest on where a driver crashed into a caltran parking lot so what happened. >> reporter: the search is on the for the driver. father-in-law started as a traffic -- apparently it started as a traffic stop or attempted traffic stop and you can see the mess left behind. that power pole hanging there and you can see a pg&e crew just arriving. they are telling us these repairs could take a while and power is out. look at this, though, if we pan over, you can see when this car came crashing r went through a fence and ended up hitting this vehicle that's in the employee parking lot. the car that was involved in this has been towed away at this point but we want to show you video from earlier this morning when it was still here, and you can see the damage to it. chp says it started at 1:15 in the morning. the driver did the not stop and kept going. got off the freeway and ended up at 5th and townsend where he or she crashed the car and fled. they're serging for the driver at this point but they've taken away the vehicle an
. >>> and what started as a traffic stop ends with a crash, and claudine wong joins us with the details of what happened. >> reporter: we're at 5th and townsend where the crash happened. you can see power poll hanging up in the air, and as we pan down it's not even hitting the ground. the area has been taped off by the caltran employees while they try to figure out what to do. that truck that was simply just parked there in this employee parking lot. we'll span left and show you the pg&e truck that rival within the last -- arrived literally within the last five minutes. power along the street, at least for one block in both directions that i can see is out at this time. i want to e show you video from earlier this morning as we take you through what we know about what happened. this started as an attempted traffic stop a little before 2:00 this morning. chp confirming for us that they tried to pull the driver over. the driver as they say failed to yield, came off the freeway, and ended up here. this is just a couple of blocks from interstate 80. again, the driver fled the scene. they are lookin
claudine to talk about this round of funding and how it is going to be utilized. * [speaker not understood] >> good morning, supervisors, claudine [speaker not understood] mayor's office of housing the community development division. i'd like to briefly provide a little background on the south of market community stabilization fund and then describe the items that are being heard today. the fund was created in 2005 by the board of supervisors in an effort to mitigate the impact of gentrification in the south of market neighborhood when rincon hill was rezoned for residential development through ordinance 217 05. the ordinance imposed the cm, a new residential development in the new district and fees are collected are deposited into the fund to address the impacts on residents and businesses in the south of market. the board of supervisors also established a community advisory committee, cac consisting of 7 community stakeholders to advise the mayor's office of housing and the board of supervisors on the uses and expenditures of the fund. the cac established a strategic plan to guide the ex
on the golden gate bridge. ktvu's claudine wong tells thus bridge is about to go all -- tells us the bridge is about to go all electronic. >> reporter: all smiles from erica. a toll taker, a new mom and 49er fan. surprising when you realize she is about to lose her job. so is jackie. an 18 year veteran. she is just hoping something works out before time runs out. and it is running out for them and 12 other whose haven't found other jobs as the bridge moves closer to an all electronic toll collection system. today testing of the technology got underway. >> we are doing all the testing now. 60 day period. we got to make sure the license plates are reading correctly, the accounts are functioning correctly. the computers are talking correctly. >> reporter: instead of toll takers like jackie they are going to depend on cameras. like this one. they will record the license plate of every vehicle that crosses the bridge. it will use fast track and invoices. if you don't have fast track you can pay as you go or don't do anything, cross the bridge and they will track you down. >> tolling is going ele
have agreeing problem if you own a car in alameda county. claudine wong has more, claudine? >> reporter: well the numbers are out and they are up. these are numbers from the regional auto theft task force and they shows numbers up across the board here in pleasanton and they are actually up -- there we go, 47% in the county and up 17% and it's a problem when you compare these numbers to 2011 and 2012. now we have spoken to some people about the rise and he said he is actually surprised about the rise and he said he actually does leave a lot of important stuff in his car. >> reporter: you always leave a lot of important stuff? >> yes, i do. >> you -- >> reporter: you never worry about it? >> no, i am always locking it up and i am never in one place for a long time. >> reporter: now they posted this on facebook pains and certainly police are asking for the public's help in stopping the trend. we will tell you more about the other scenes and we will tell you what seems to be the most important car targeted. >>> well the chp will continue patrol for the next 30 days. they are still not cle
their lease comes up, they are likely looking for a new place to live. live in san francisco, claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> a search intensifying right now do find a missing 19-year- old sonoma county woman last scene at a new year's event in lake tahoe -- last seen at a new year's event in lake tahoe. tara moriarty has more. >> reporter: the search andreas queue effort is underway for -- search and rescue effort is underway for her right now. family and friends are up there right now. they've been posting fliers like this one in hopes of generating leads. the 19-year-old has not been seen or heard from since shortly before midnight since new year's eve. she was in lake tahoe for a snow globe, a three-day music festival. a friend says she disappeared around 11:30 and then she told her friends show was taking a shuttle back to the horizon resort. she was scotted by -- spotted by guests around midnight. a facebook page has been set up to find her. she's studying to be a paramedics. she's described as-53, long hair died black and a fair complexion. we spoke to south lake tahoe police
on 2 it's sunday, january 13th i'm brian flores. >> and i'm claudine wong. if you thought it was cold yesterday morning, welcome to today. it's freezing out there. let's check in with rosemary. >> you said it. anywhere from two to three to six degrees warmer. frost advisory from the bay area. the freeze warning for our inland areas and when we say 20s i'm talking low 20s in some areas. santa rosa reporting a little bit of freezing fog this morning it is bone chills in some cases. we'll have a look at it for this hour coming up. >>> happening now day two of a huge gun show is about to get under way at the cal palace. the event comes in amist of a contention gun control debate. alex savidge is live. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the organizers of this event tells ktvu he's never seen crowds this big. he expects the same thing here today at the cal palace as this event continues. day two. folks already lining up this morning to get into the cross roads of the west gun show. the doors open here at 9:00 this morning. this was the scene yesterday as hundreds of people turned out.
cameras are replacing human toll takers at the going bridge. claudine wong is live at the toll plaza to let us know how the changes will affect drivers. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: well, the big changes, tori, they come in 60 days. but this toll taking -- right now they are testing the system. you see what cars are doing right now? a lot of them are going to pay, they will have to slow down a little bit as they come in. they want to get rid of that. they want to make it so that everyone rolls through whether you fast-tracker not, no one -- fast-track or not, this is a fairly new system. this is the first major bridge in the country to do this. it's the first toll-taking system in the state to try this all electronic process. it's new. they are testing it right now. however, if you are crossing the bridge this morning. it will be business as usual for you. as you come through the toll plaza today at the golden gate bridge, you you won't see any different -- you won't see any different. we're starting the testing of the electronic tolling system which means we're 60 days away
, welcome to "mornings on 2". it is sunday, january 6th. i am mike mibach. >> i am claudine wong. >> we will check in with rosemary to see if the rain is gone. >>> not yet and dealing with spotty showers across the peninsula from san mateo and loss ooh ltos and palo alto, a few sprinkles there. and we have san jose dealing with light rain and off to the east where we have fremont and areas near hayward and showers in the forecast. we will have weather improving for sunday afternoon, what to expect, coming up. >>> streets are shut down in san jose. it happened four hours ago on south first, margaret streets. alex savage is joining us from the scene where they are still investigating the accident. >> reporter: a sergeant with the investigations unit with the san jose police department told me his team will try to figure out if weather was a factor in the deadly crash. it is still raining a little bit now. this is a single car accident that happened on the front street and the 280 overpass. fire crews are trying to assist the coroner's office. to get the man's body out of the car. the driv
channel 2 morning news. >> i'm claudine wong. pam cook has the day off. let's start off with a quick look at your weather and traffic and steve. i don't know is brr a meteorology call term? >> it is today. frost advisories everywhere else. 29 santa rosa. highs today in the 50s. it will be sunny and nice. here is sal. hello sal. >>> steve, good morning to you. there is not a lot going on. we're hoping for not much of a commute today as we go to some of these pictures. san mateo bridge looking pretty good heading out to the high- rise. it's clear and cold. you can see on interstate 880 traffic is moving well in both directions. let's go back to the studio. >>> we're following developing news from the east bay. right now crews are working to cap a water main break on one of the busiest streets in hayward. alex savidge has just arrived on the scene with the very latest from there. >> this intersection of jackson street where we are right now quickly filling up with water as you can see. we'll push in over there. water just gurgling up out of the roadway. causing minor flooding issues. much of
a driver fleeing from police crashed into a power pole in a caltrain parking lot. ktvu's claudine wong has been at the scene since 4:30 this morning and has more. they are making some progress? >> reporter: yes, tori. since we last economicked in with you, we -- checked in with you, they've made some progress. there was a power pole hanging from the top of the hours and hanging down. the big step was to get that down. now it's laying on the tree. they said once they -- on the ground. they said once they did that, they would be able to fix the power. take a look at this scene right now. it's a mess. it's been that way for more than five hours since this chase happened. it started at 1:50 this morning. san francisco police telling me this actually started as a chp place that ended up down in the streets of san francisco. they say the driver fled from a traffic stop, ended up crashing into the power pole, into a fence and into a caltrain truck that happened to be parked in an employee parking lot. that knocked out the power, the driver fled. san francisco police got on scene and they are righ
on "mornings on 2." claudine wong, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> all right. 7:37. well, the chp will keep patrolling streets of oakland for at least the next 30 days. we still don't know if the chp will be paid, though. the chp will be helping oakland patrol free of charge but that deal expires today. the they -- they are trying to work out a new method of payment. >>> let's check in with sal. let's see where the chopper is flying. >> approaching the san mateo bridge, foster city side. we've been looking at it. newschopper2 coming up on it. you can see traffic is moving along well. when up get to the bridge, it's a little crowded, you can see the decline of the bridge coming down to foster city. but if this is your commute, i think you will like it. eastbound traffic, this is a noncommute direction. that looks well. also let's go to the maps. we had an earlier problem on northbound 101 at fair oaks. that crash is on the shoulder. there's some debris on the shoulder but the lanes are open. traffic, however, is back up all the way down to 280. it's a bad backup. 280 is the alternate. it's getting cro
down after people got sick. claudine wong tells us what we've learned about the outbreak and how it's spread. >> reporter: yes, the health department now says there were 50 people sickened by the norovirus. two people that worked at this deli and 48 people that went to an event that was catered by the deli. now the deli is back open right now, the health department has given it the green light. but both the department and the owners of that deli agree there are lessons from this that everyone can learn from. the north park deli was back in business this morning, much to the relief of regular customers like kristin anderson who tried to come here yesterday. >> i wanted to come in and get one of their really good burritos and they were closed. kind of a bummer. >> reporter: you ex-- you are excited to see it back open? >> yes. >> reporter: ktvu had the only camera there after the health department gave the all clear. >> they have to throw out all of the food that was open and then really a deep cleaning of all kitchen surfaces. >> reporter: all of this started on friday, when an empl
on the golden gate bridge will be replaced. ktvu claudine wong is at the golden gate bridge toll plaza right now where a new automated is is being tested today. good morning, claudine. >> reporter: that is right, dave, good morning. testing is under way right here at the golden gate bridge. official transition into this no toll taker policy won't happen for another couple months. let's take you through what is going on right now. take a look at this booth. we have a toll taker in there. this is obviously your biggest change when the transition goes through. there will be no toll takers in any of these booths. i want to show you some of the other stuff. take a look at the lights. those are for a reason. those lights shining down on the cars that come through here. those cameras recording license plates as they come through. the way the system works right now as we stand here, is that you can either pay a person, you can use your fast track. if you go through and don't use either of those things you could get a fine in the mail. the way the new system works it will be all automated. everyone will
'm claudine wong. let's check in with rosy chu with a quick look at your america forecast. >> yes, we are warm out there, into the afternoon you'll notice a cool down because we do have cooler weather beginning to move in. and this morning the bigger story may be that patchy dense fog out there. visibility down to a quarter mile, even in one of the local spots. i'll talk about that in just a moment. a mix of sun and clouds and isolated chance at maybe a sprinkle and we are going to be mainly dry. but cool conditions are expected. i'll detail this for you and showout temperatures coming up. >>> we're following developing news right now. a police chase that ended with the dramatic car crash in oakland just a few hours ago. six people rushed to the hospital as we just got word that one of the passengers, they have died. ktvu alex savage is live for us, including the man hunt underway right now. alex? >> reporter: police at this point are looking for the driver of the suv, but i also want to tell you here that the sergeant on scene, they have confirmed toney a 19-year-old man was killed in this cr
it is sunday, january 27th i'm claudine wong. >> and i'm mike mibach. walked out of the house to grab the paper today, felt the wind and cold. let's check if with rosemary. >> good morning, to you. pretty start to the day. 15 minutes until the official sunrise. mike mentioned, it is cold and brisk. for the afternoon mostly sunny skies. temperatures will be cooler than what we felt on saturday. i will line up your numbers and show you what i see coming up. >>> we begin with a developing story of a tragedy in south america. at least 245 people are now dead in a nightclub fire in southern brazil. we want to show you the first pictures of the aftermath that are coming into our newsroom. the fire broke out at the kiss nightclub during a concert. that club reached maximum capacity with up to 2,000 party goers inside. the casualty toll is expected to climb. at least 200 pay tree quantities were hurt. a nearby gym has been turned into a makeshift morgue. investigators say it's too early still to figure out the cause of the fire. stay tuned throughout county -- stay tuned to ktvu throughout the morning
in healthcare. >>> the man who people were looking for in the first silver alert, he's been found. claudine wong has more on this program. >> the good news is that 82- year-old has been found. he was found after a vehicle stop in grass valley and has now been taken to the hospital for evaluation. he is the first person to prompt a silver alert in the state of california. the program is for at-risk seniors. 65 and older. it just started yesterday in california. but similar systems are being used in an estimated 30 other states. elk grove police say they contacted the chp yesterday for help. he disappeared after a fight with miss wife monday afternoon and left his home without his medication. he was supposed to go to his son's house but never arrived and the decision to issue that silver alert was made about 9:30 yesterday morning. >> the family was concerned because he's been experiencing signs of dementia, forgetfulness. >> again, he's now been found. credit card charges show he traveled through at least three counties. the big difference between am where alerts and silvers, silver alerts, they
. >> i'm claudine wong. it is wednesday, january 23rd. tori and dave have today off. >>> well, overnight, the oakland council approved a controversial contract to hire outside experts to help police crack down on crime. ktvu's alex savidge is live for us in oakland and tells us the vote came after hundreds of speakers and a heated debate. >> reporter: well, hundreds of people spoke out on this controversial topic. there were four hours of public comment. the final vote didn't company until the morning. the council approved a consulting contract with bill bratton, a man whose past policing policies have come under fire. that vote angered many people in the audience. many in the crowd reacted strongly as the vote came down just after 2:00 this morning. ktvu had the only camera inside council chambers at the time. police moved in for a short time to maintain order. there were roughly 275 people who spoke at this lengthy council meeting. the council approved a contract with bratton's consulting firm on a 7-1 vote. bratton will help come in and help with a crime-fighting plan. critics are con
francisco affected after a driver crashed into a power pole. ktvu's claudine wong has been on the story since 4:30. she's live on townsend street. i know pg&e is working to get the power back. >> reporter: yes, they are. i just talked to pg&e and we can update you with a lot of new details. i want to show you what's happening bind me. crews are hard at work. we have a crew up high trying to stabilize the lines and they're trying to get the pole out of the way. it was attached to those wires. it is now being held up by this big truck and it's hanging up over the street. the problem has been they wanted to get this power pole out of the way. it feeds one of the buildings out here and once it gets this out of the way, they say they can turn on the power to much of the people that are affect bid the power outage and that will do a lot to make the situation better. they still have hours of work to do out here. that is the latest from pg&e. and how we ended up in this spot to begin with. this started about 1:50 this morning. i got off the phone with san francisco police. they tell me this sta
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